Garance Doré

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Hailing from the island of Corsica in France, GARANCE DORÉ is a self-taught illustrator, photographer and ambassador of French taste and fashion.

Frustrated with the status quo, Garance began her blog, GARANCEDORE.FR/EN, in 2006 in an attempt to have a platform of complete freedom of expression, sharing little vignettes of her daily life and exploring more personal interactions with her audience.

Re-channeling her thoughts, she could finally express herself using a wider spectrum of talents including the marriage of illustration, photography, narration, fashion observations and poetry.

Bubbly, creative, affectionate and extremely funny, Garance's stance on fashion is always acute, witty and entertaining. The simplicity of her elegance has gained her thousands of followers (and dare we say fans?) from around the globe with her blog collecting more than 70,000 hits daily.

As a result of her popularity, she has since collaborated with magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Elle to name a few, delivering reportages, interviews, street style photography and special collages of all of the above. She also has a featured colomn on, Une Fille, Un Style.

Garance Dore's multi-talents have also led her to take part in unconventional projects such as her recent collaboration with GAP in which she designed both a t-shirt and an ephemeral boutique in London alongside fellow guests Pharell Williams & Pierre Hardy.

Editorially, Garance (both the photographer and the personality) has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, British Vogue, The Guardian, Libtion, Le Monde, Elle, Glamour, Nylon and has been selected as one of the 25 Coolest Women in Fashion by